Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brian Habana-na II


There is evidence that a member of the South African Jewish Lobby may have contacted the Master of the Universe in order to fix the results of the Rugby match I mentioned here.

Normblog, as always, is on the case:

I have further evidence, says Norm, of you-know-who controlling the world. These are said to be the words spoken by Rabbi Yossy Goldman of Sydenham synagogue in Johannesburg before the final of the Rugby World Cup last Saturday:

Mi Shebeirach Avoseinu... May He who blessed our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless Jake White, John Smit, Schalk Burger and all those vilde chayos [wild animals] in the entire holy congregation of Springboks in their clash in Paris after Shabbos. May they be successful in their scrums and matzliach [successful] in their mauls. May they be spared any distress or tzorres [trouble]. May Hashem put the fear of Heaven into the English and may their defenders be terrified. May Jonny Wilkinson quake in his boots and may our Percy Montgomery be perfect. May Bryan Habana score many tries speedily in our day so that all their efforts will be crowned with triumph and they bring the Trophy home. And let us all say... Amen!

Can you doubt it? How, I ask you, do you otherwise explain Brian's floating ability?


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