Thursday, October 04, 2007

Forgotten History Lessons

Hat tip: The Iconoclast:

The Arab-Nazi Alliance

If this history were better known, and if the Nazi-Arab alliance, which included not only the Mufti of Jerusalem, but the attempt by Sadat, and Nasser, to aid the Nazis during World War II, not to mention all the other pro-Nazi sentiment, in Iraq, in Arabia, indeed everywhere -- better known to people in Great Britain, and if they knew further just what the British did in Mandatory Palestine, in refusing to abide by the solemn commitments that had been made in order to be given the Mandate, and if they knew just how many hundreds of thousands of Jews might have been saved, had Palestine been open to the Jews just before and after the war, then perhaps that desire to feel guilty would be transferred from the completely wrong object of such a feeling, to the people to whom, in deed, such a feeling is owed. And that might begin to help everyone stop their apologetics and appeasement of Islam, and perhaps even come to see the overwhelming case, legal, historic, and moral, of the Israelis, who are terrible, possibly hopeless, at presenting that case, but that is not the same thing as saying the case is not there to be made.

Nazi-Arab Alliance in World War II

The refusal to place the blame and ultimate responsibility for Arab flight from Palestine during 1947-48 squarely on the divided and corrupt Arab leadership itself should also be held up to scrutiny in the light of what the world has witnessed during the last five years of insurrection and guerilla war in Iraq, the fifteen year long civil war in Lebanon (1975-1990), atrocities against civilians by the Sudanese Muslim forces in Darfur, and the rival factions fighting for control in Algeria, Yemen, and Syria (“Black September“, The Muslim Brotherhood“),and similar conflicts between rival factions; mass atrocities, mutilations, indiscriminate killing, blackmail, arson, looting, and mass flight were and remain the norm in inter-Arab conflicts. The Arab civil population of Haifa and Jaffa realized long before April 1948 that their lives and property were in jeopardy from the poorly disciplined, irregular, and corrupt Arab forces as much as from the prospect of a Jewish military victory.


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