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Iranian Hatefest (and a corner of love):

What this man said.

After World War II, they invented the so-called "genocide of the Jews." Throughout Europe and in countries under the control of the Western superpowers, they established an anti-Jewish movement. By means of propaganda and a certain psychological atmosphere, and by using the issue of the so-called "crematoria," they created the sense that the European Jews were oppressed. They used the pretext that some Jews were oppressed and were harmed during World War II and by the wave of anti-Judaism in order to lay the foundations for the establishment of the Zionist regime. Later, of course, they called it "the massacre of the Jews," and only after World War II did they call it "the Holocaust." They made this issue more sacred than all the sacred things in the world.
How can it possibly be that you have turned this phenomenon – a phenomenon which you yourself invented after the war, and which you began calling "Holocaust" only in 1975 – into something so sacred that nobody is permitted to even raise questions about it? In World War II, there were several incidents similar to a plane crash. Later, under the pretext of these incidents, they have been perpetrating an ongoing genocide of historic proportions in Palestine. They have been perpetrating an ongoing crime in Palestine.
They permit themselves, under the pretext of the Holocaust, to commit every type of crime. They even built secret prisons in Europe, and they kidnap people and publicly announce that they would kill them.

This woman says Iran is defamed, every complaint is a lie.

This woman says it like it is:

“They brutally attack and slaughter mothers and children, all, at once. There is no creature more horrible that these people”. This was how a guest on a TV show on the state-run Channel 3 was introducing the Israelis to the spectators when the studio experienced a blackout. Accidentally, the microphones were not lost and the crew were not fast enough, so a “politically incorrect” sentence was aired.

Moussavi (the guest): “It was the Jews [who cut the power]”, laughs.

A Technician: Silence! Silence!

And Oliver Kamm analyses, here and here:

... so far as I'm aware, not a single serious analyst at any reputable university or NGO in Europe and North America believes Iran's nuclear programme is intended for purely non-military purposes....

The proper question seems to me not whether Iran is inviting attacks but whether Iran is threatening them. The answer.. is surely yes, in which case the onus is on the UN Security Council and its member states to counter those threats.

Iran's proxies and client state give a consistent message. Hamas is launching rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Hezbollah has rebuilt its weaponry with Iranian rockets shipped through Syria. Syria itself is plainly engaged in a murder campaign directed against non-compliant politicians in Lebanon. Iran's Revolutionary Guards are equipping and training Shi'ite groups in Iraq to attack US and Iraqi forces with improvised explosive devices...

Iran's President is a messianic crank belonging to an end-of-times cult (at the Jamkaran mosque near Qum). He is a racist who denies the historicity of the Holocaust and cheerfully anticipates the extinction of the Jewish state. The revolutionary regime supports terrorist groups financially and with materiel.


The emerging problem with Iran is not whether it is actively building nuclear weapons but whether we can take the regime at its word that a civil nuclear programme will not be used for military purposes. The answer to that question dominates all other considerations, because if and when Iran has access to the full fuel cycle, then the technology to fabricate material for nuclear weapons is essentially all there. Because the regime is deceitful, supports terrorism and anticipates the extinction of a member state of the UN, that prospect is ominous.


Iran is a cradle of civilization. Many of its people are struggling to remember, to recuperate the vestiges of their ancient culture, the culture that began with Cyrus twenty-five centuries ago. Selma, the talented blogger, poet, writer, thinker and translator, from Tehran, remembers and reminds her readers today, 29 October:

The Cyrus Cylinder artifact was inscribed in Babylonian cuneiform at Cyrus’ command after his conquest of Babylon.

The cylinder has been considered as the world’s first known charter of human rights, as there are passages in the text have been interpreted as expressing Cyrus’ respect for humanity.
It promotes a form of religious tolerance and freedom, and the abolishment of slavery. He allowed his subjects to continue worshipping their gods, despite his own religious beliefs....

Well… see what we were and where we are … all we want now is to “dwell in peace”!


At 1:01 PM EDT, Blogger Boycotted British Academic said...

And, to add to what Oliver Kamm says, I read on the wires that IDF found out (I think on the occasion, yesterday, when the soldier was killed and another critically wounded in Gaza) that Hamas has built sophisticated bunkers a la Hezbollah-style demonstrated the summer before last.

This, as the confidence-building measure the disengagement & withdrawal was meant to have been...

Sorry for the incessant delay re: your influences challenge! I'm not making much better progress on the publications-deadline front. I fear I'll have to leave this country & find refuge elsewhere before I write another word!

Be well,


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