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(H/T: Shrink-wrapped)

"[Che Guevara] was the very definition of a murderous thug, but learned early on to spout leftist cant, and was adept at excusing his vicious character and behavior as being for the good of the people.

Of course, to individual people, he was monstrous, but to people in the abstract, he was heroic.

Fausta offers the telling quote which all tyrants rely on, in one form or another:

"We don't need proof to execute a man. We only need proof that it's necessary to execute him. A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate."

...Che Guevara has become a brand. And the brand's logo is the image, which represents change. It has becomes the icon of the outside thinker, at whatever level - whether it is anti-war, pro-green or anti-globalisation," she says.

Its presence - everywhere from walls in the Palestinian territories to Parisian boutiques - makes it an image that is "out of control", she adds. "It has become a corporation, an empire, at this point."

The difference in treatment of Columbus and Guevara is notable for the way in which the cruelty of Columbus, who was the product of a simpler and more primitive time, is all that is left while the Guevara's more brutal, murderous cruelty, in someone who had the benefit of 500 years of civilization upon which to build, is completely ignored and glossed over.

More importantly, the legacy that emerges form the two disparate myths is of even more import. Columbus left a myth that through the years was used to support a National image of devotion to greater and greater freedom, to attempted redress of much of the damage he brought. Our Nation, resting upon the legacy of individualism and freedom grew wealthy and strong. The contrast could not be starker. Che's legacy has been used to support the noxious creed of Left wing idealism. Everywhere the Left has succeeded, the people have suffered terribly. By overtly attempting to destroy inequality (and those who were successful) the Left has managed to impoverish all, save those who are "more equal than others."


At 11:03 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So today far-leftists all over the world celebrated the life and deeds of Che Guevara, 40 years after his death.

Here´s another idea: Why don´t someone find out the exact dates Cuban social democrats and other advocates of democracy were executed by Che, and then we can celebrate them instead?

Johan Norberg


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