Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Misreading realities, disreading realities:

Here are a few quotes from the British "Guardian" and "The Observer". Does any of the following sound familiar?

”the newspaper dismissed [him] as "dramatic, violent and shallow", and "a lightweight", seeing him as "not a man, but a megaphone" of the prevailing discontent, fronting a militarist reaction, which would mean the destruction of peace.

"while full of the verbiage of revolution", … he lacked courage, and … his baleful threats … raised unnecessary fears, … [he was] dismissed … on September 29 … as "the ranting clown who bangs the drum …".

" …the emerging view was that he was a "moderate", who might possibly develop into a statesman …This related also to anti-semitism. The Observer, in its article on March 20 … hinted that …attacks on his anti-semitism exaggerated the danger, adding: "It must not be forgotten that the major part of the … Press is in Jewish hands."

The quotes are taken from an article by Ian Kershaw, professor of modern history (modern German history) at the University of Sheffield, from the Guardian website.

The Drenched Trotskyites have a comment, as well. Here. (This post is rated G)


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