Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quotes, sighted on the Internet:

Telling the difference...

But whenever I criticise any reactionary religious practice, I am at once accused myself of "insulting a billion Muslims". And it's not hard to find Islamist websites that boast of a demographic conquest to come, for the votaries of the prophet. So, which is it to be? Who is supposed to dissociate what, and from whom? This is going to take all our cultural and political intelligence and, indeed, our "sensitivity". But I'm afraid the faithful will have to get used to the idea that I, too, can be "offended" and that I, too, have deep and unalterable convictions. And it is much worse than pointless, in the face of genuine worry about the spread of real bigotry and awful violence, to try to pin the accusation of prejudice on those who are honestly attempting to ventilate the question, and to clarify it.

Closet antisemites?

And, of course, he trots out the lie that anyone who criticises Israeli behaviour is labelled antisemitic. I'll tell him what does veer towards antisemtism - making up the lie that anyone who criticises Israel is attacked as an antisemite. (Stephen Pollard)

Left and Right

Calling a leftist with a boot-on-someone's-face fetish "right wing" isn't going to make him rightwing for the sake of a genuine progressive's comfort. There have always been lefties, righties and even "moderates") with issues with Jews and a love for sending anyone they don't like into a gulag or unmarked grave. I only score points between people who are for liberty, rights and freedom, and those who aren't. For me that's all that matters anymore. And to a T, the antisemites on the left and right are always in the latter category, it's an almost infallible first cut. (Bill, an Engage commenter)

Words from Tehran

poor poor, poor words
butchered so bad
lucky, lucky, lucky words
pampered so well

Guilty of a Phalusy

British Boycotted Academic's inspired Camus quote:

"an ethic of sticking up for your friends, of valuing courage and fair-play

believing that people

try to confuse us with convoluted moral systems to suit their own agendas

when we

may do better to look to the simple morality of the football field than to politicians and philosophers"


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