Friday, November 09, 2007

Sunday, November 11, is Canada's Remembrance Day.

Here is Beryl Wajsman, very eloquently, on this occasion:

Therefore, choose courage...

For what is often rent asunder by the evil our soldiers fight are not just the sinews of our flesh, but the very fabrics of our souls. The depraved indulgences in orgies of blood by murderers and madmen put the lie to mankind’s claims of moral progress if left unchallenged. The sacrifices of our veterans permit us all a degree of moral redemption. Without their courage we would just be mute witnesses as all the hallmarks of decency are swept away in bloody swirls of red.

We must never cease speaking these truths clearly and candidly. It is important to tell it straight. For in an ungracious age filled with inelegant self-absorption, it is more important to be hard and relentless than genteel and obtrusive.

Those who, for political gain or out of allegiance to political correctness, marginalize the military or denigrate our soldiers, past and present, lull too many into crippling complacency. They will have to make peace with their own consciences. For at the end of the day they know they acted out of cowardice and fear. And in the final analysis they also know that appeasement of evil has only brought about greater evil.
And Oliver Kamm, here, about the wars of the poppies...


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