Thursday, December 06, 2007

Alma Latina:

I recently got an MP3 and had my son copy my favourite cd's into it. So now each morning, after I walk my daughter to school, and I go on my errands, I listen to the music. The opening song is this one. A real favourite of mine. Why? It stirs up three of my cravings: coffee, South American/Spanish rhythms and.. and.. my insane desire to speak Spanish, fluently. It also makes a nice contrast to the snow-covered sidewalks, that even when cleared of snow, makes for slip-sliding kind of walking. So, like melted chocolate over ice cream, the warm and vibrant music washes over me as I pick my way, careful not to hit a submerged iceberg.

Here is another version, on the harp.

A Japanese violin take on same

Dual guitars

On the accordion

Well, you get the idea.


Update: Bob From Brockley offers music for Hanukkah which seems to jive in with my alma Latina mood:

On a Hanukah tip (that's a word I really can't spell!), if you want to download some seasonal mp3s, how about: a dreidelicious podcast featuring The Klezmatics, Tom Lehrer and plenty more; Shirim's klezmer nutcracker suite, Woody Guthrie (and some Christmas stuff); Yo La Tengo; Nashville Pussy (not a family-friendly link to click!)*; Brigid Kaelin's "jewgrass" music; and some Ladino hip hop from last year.

The Ladino Hip Hop seems very much in sinc. Sorry I can't reproduce this photo which gives the kippa not only a new meaning but a new, uplifting, purpose.

BTW, my computer was massively attacked last week with a vicious, indestructible, virus. in order to get my computer to function, the system had to e re-installed. as always is the case, some functions ceased to function. So now I can't watch or listen to many of the video/audio clips offered by other bloggers. I am posting Bob's suggestion without actually having heard them. So, there is a possibility that the Ladino singers are not quite on par with my "Molienda" song.


*Here is my Hannukah post from 2006. It is depressing to note how little has changed or been achieved, as far as Israel's safe future is concerned. If anything, things look even worse today.


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