Friday, December 07, 2007

Fear and trembling at Harvard: Don't you oppress me...

Pursuant to this post - in which I introduced Prof. Matory, a conscientious anthropologist, in a piece he wrote about how he quakes in fear whenever he speaks truth to power, that is, loathing to the Zionists and their henchmen, the Jews - here is an article appearing today in Solomonia . Hillel Stavis, who much to his surprise, found himself one of the targets to which Matory was speaking truth, recounts the history of his bookstore and its relation to the powerful lobby of silencers of truth. Here is an excerpt:

While decrying the purported "witch hunt" atmosphere on college campuses in general and Harvard, in particular, by "The Israel Lobby" and portraying himself as a victim of a Jewish conspiracy he revealed more than a bit of the paranoid style.

But what is most disturbing about Professor Matory’s apparent obsession with Israel and Jews (at one point he referred to "a moneyed and media connected American Israeli defense force" – I guess we can dispense with the usual coded language observation) is the unavoidable realization that for Professor Matory who was at the epicenter of ousting Larry Summers, ostensibly for sexist remarks, Israel was the primary trigger. It seems clear that for Professor Matory, Summers’ original sin was his opposition to the Harvard divestment - from - Israel campaign expressed long before his (in)famous speech on women in the sciences.

It would seem that Professor Matory has a bad case of Jews-on-the brain. He is beset by Israeli colonizers and their minions on campus: Practitioners of "character assassination, dis-invitation, and other losses of career opportunities campaign contributions, income or friends, and, above all, the damage done by fervent Zionists to the process of intellectual inquiry and debate in this university". By dis-invitation, he was referring to the wide opposition to the Harvard English Department’s invitation to Tom Paulin, an Irish poet who has called for the murder of all Jewish settlers, including men, women and children (a position predictably skipped over by the Professor). Continuing his breathless rant he claimed that even his teaching compensation was not off limits for the vaporous cabal: "Even my annual salary is set by officials who appear to feel threatened by my bringing up this issue."


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