Thursday, December 27, 2007

A few quotes for a slow Thursday morning,

gathered from websites often or rarely visited by yours truly:

A ringing endorsement from a genuine admirer of David Irving, about whom I commented here:

While I am not a professional writer nor Jewish, I do feel I am qualified to speak about Noam Chomsky. Along with Norman Finkelstein, he embodies all the qualities that a decent and honest Jew should possess. He is a hero for many Jews and non-Jews alike.


The top picture shows that the Zionists don't just hate Muslims, they hate Christians, too. This should be a wakeup call to the whole world to unite against their aggression.


What with the manoeuvres of the Western powers over the Treaty of Sèvres, and the more recent imperialism of the Kurds’ variously theocratic or fascist/militarist ‘host’ nations–and ‘anti-imperialist’ pin-ups du jour–selling-out the Kurdish people is an Olympic sport. Could it be that rights to self-determination are not absolute, but contingent on programmatic exactitudes–striking the correct anti-US poses and ritual denunciations of that wellspring of ineffable and malevolent power, the ‘Zionist entity’? (Hakmao)


It should come as no surprise that members of the honor-shame culture of Caliphate Islam are subject to this kind of tantrum. This is what honor-shame is all about. They will win the upper hand by any means that they think will work. They are, emotionally labile and see honor as a mere matter of having the upper hand. They are, by definition, The People of the Tantrum. (Political Correctness- The Fawlty Logic of the Left)


I think what this article represents--more than anything--is a sense of Jewish insecurity. I remember that back when Lieberman was running for president, I was receiving e-mails to the effect that Jews should not support Lieberman because the last thing "we" need is a Jewish President. (A variation on the keep-your-head-down theme). Add to this the fact that Lieberman (like Guiliani) is a very vocal supporter of the Iraq war (an issue that is being called a "neo-con" issue) and the sense of unease is magnified ten-fold. This, despite the fact, that Joe is about as liberal as they come on domestic politics. (Inna)


I've never been able to see the merit of blessing them that curse me, doing good to them that hate me, and (especially) praying for them that despitefully use me. I'm glad of my enemies, and at this time of year it seems to me particularly important to wish them ill. (The joy of enemies)


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