Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hava Nagila for the Christmas

The Geek brings us the happy tidings

"that British singer Lauren Rose has released a modern version of traditional Jewish song "Hava Nagila," and gambling pundits have even given odds on the song to take the top spot in the U.K. Christmas pop charts.

According the British newspaper The Sun, bookmaker William Hill has given 17-year-old Lauren Rose a 16-1 shot at having Britain's best-selling song on December 25....

The song, whose title translates as "Let Us Rejoice," is de rigueur at Jewish celebrations, and is widely attributed to Abraham Zvi Idelsohn, who is believed to have penned the song at the close of World War One.

Here it is.

It is cute, but I like this version better.

And this version , which made the rounds a while back.

Dalida, in French

And Hava Nagila on ice.


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