Sunday, December 16, 2007

I do so like The Iconoclast. Its the equivalent of a sharpshooter in the blogosphere. No prevarications, no circumlocutions, no pusillanimous ambiguations. Glory be :-)

Here is a good one about the news that's not fit to show or print:

"Palestinian doctors referred Jamal to Tal Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv in
March 1994."-- from
this article on the Al Dura case

Arabs, not only the locals but Arabs those with especially difficult medical problems, arrive from all over the Middle East, come to Israel, one learns, for medical care. The Arabs in Israel receive, often for free, from such hospitals as Hadassah, a level of care incomparably better than what they could get elsewhere.

This is not a story in Israel, because it is simply taken for granted. And it is not a story outside of Israel, because the Israelis are not good at making such things heard. But what BBC reporter or bureau chief, for the BBC will report on the free or almost free care lavished by Jewish doctors on those Arabs who fill the charity wards of the Jewish hospitals of Israel? One of the main reasons that the Arabs in the east part of Jerusalem, parts that the Olmert regime plans to surrender, oppose that plan ,is that they fear losing that free and excellent medical care supplied by the Israelis.

But who in the outside world knows that the "Nazi" Israelis, instead of setting up Auschwitzes, treat -- every day -- with a level of care that rivals the best in the West -- the very Arabs who have no difficulty, many of them, in demonizing Israel, even if their own experience tells them it is all nonsense and lies? What is one's own experience, the evidence of one's own senses, for those brainwashed in hate, a hate that comes from the atmospherics of hate, that Muslim Arab societies. And Muslim Arab societies are suffering almost universally from thieving rulers, whether it is the Al-Saud skimming a trillion off the top, or Mubarak with his Family-and-Friends plan, taking more modest sums, tens of millions, and not from the national wealth, but rather from the foreign aid that, it might be argued, the scheming Egyptian rulers deserve for playing the role that they do, in order to keep that (chiefly) American aid flowing.

Clownish "journalists" who are merely spaniels of the P.A. regime, and whose stock in trade is whipping up, in every conceivable way, hatred for Israel, are reporting for the western media. These ""journalists" (see MEMRI, see MEMRI for all kinds of transcripts), and tapes of those "Arab journalists" and the ones Simon Wilson, who has now brought his anti-Israel sneers to Harvard classes as a Nieman Fellow, hired, or the three whose bias and behavior became too extreme, and was attracting too much attention, even for the BBC, that the most egregious cases have been moved. Orla Guerin, married to a "Palestinian" Arab, now reporting, with less chance to indulge in her anti-Israel viciousness, though one may be sure there will be no reports from Orla Guerin about the growing Muslim threat in Capetown, the Muslim boycotts of Jewish businesses, or the local muftis with their fatwas, and the campaigns of Da'wa, and all the rest of it. Barbara Plett (the one who wept, on the air, when Arafat died), has been moved to Pakistan (or is it Afghanistan?). The hard-voiced Lyse Doucet has been moved to Afghanistan (or is it Pakistan?). And the BBC Bureau Chief, fresh-faced Simon Wilson, this year one of two dozen enjoying a Niemann Fellowship at Harvard, is limited to injecting his anti-Israel venom into class discussions. No doubt the BBC’s Jerusalem bureau was left in reliably anti-Israel, pro-“Palestinian” hands.

What Western journalist reports about this? Did Lyse Doucet, did Orla Guerin, did Barbara Plett, in all their thousands of hours of reporting, ever mention the spectacular medical care that Israeli doctors provide – often free – to “Palestinian” as to other Arabs? No? Why not? Isn’t that quite a story, especially all those Arabs who show up with difficult cases from Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, even the Gulf states? When one of those Israeli doctors, who spent much of his time treating Arab patients, was murdered by Arab (“Palestinian”) terrorists, why did the BBC not cover it, and in covering it, at least give those outside Israel a little glimpse into what actually goes on?

Are we to believe that Orla Guerin, Barbara Plett, Lyse Doucet, and Simon Wilson never had to go to doctor, never visited an Israeli hospital, never noticed the Arab charity patients filling the waiting rooms, waiting to be offered a level of medical care equal to the best that the richest Arab oil sheiks can obtain? Isn’t that a story?

Of course it isn’t. It doesn’t fit the script. The Israelis are "Nazis" in the official Arab script. And as even the Arabs are dimly aware that the real Nazis -- the ones they so admired and to so many of whom they gave not only refuge to but important positions after the war -- did not offer free and excellent medical care to the Jews of Europe, and so this little story has to be not only not reported on, but kept quiet, if possible not mentioned at all.

It doesn't fit. It is news that doesn't fit. Not on the BBC. Not in Le Monde. Not in The Guardian.
Not, for that matter, even in The Bandar Beacon with its nauseating and
absurd missing-the-point sob story about how the bad Israelis prevent little "Palestinian" deaf children from getting those batteries that will allow them to hear -- as if such batteries, and a lot more besides, are not incorporated into that weaponry that the "Palestinians" have no difficulty spending tens of millions of dollars on, or that batteries, along with all the explosives, might easily have been brought in from Gaza, or as if the billions siphoned away from Infidel aid, by the various "Palestinian" warlords -- Slow and Fast Jihadists -- for their own purposes, could not also have bought, along with those villas in the south of France, and college tuition in the West for those warlords' children, a few batteries for those "deaf children" who, the vicious reporter viciously reports, and in turn that report is viciously carried by The Bandar Beacon (or "Washington Post"), owe their current state to those wicked Israelis, the same Israelis who spend a fortune every year on the medical care supplied to Arabs not only in Israel, but from all over the Middle East.

Absurd and disgusting. But not, at this point, surprising. Nothing, at this point, surprises.


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