Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Codeword: Neocon (II)

Sequel to this post:

Thanks again to Mick for this update from Stephen Pollard:

CiF has become a hot bed of the kind of noxious anti-Americanism which so infects the Left. And with that, as night follows day, comes a large dose of antisemitism, which the Guardian editors always seem happy to leave up. Take this comment, below. I know of two people who emailed to complain about it, but the CiF editors appear not to consider it in any way improper, since as I write it remains in place (I realise that I am giving it wider currency by copying it, but I hope you agree that there's a useful purpose in so doing):

Do you guys ever think when you write out all of
this propaganda? It doesn't seem like it. You say this stuff about "A cabal
controlling the word for Israel" in a dismissive tone, and talk about reading
things in a falsetto voice as if it is all ridiculous.

Then you go on to list people in your article
for various things. Let's take a look at that list.

Paul Berman - jewish name
Roger Cohen - jewish name
Joe Lieberman - definitely jewish
Adam Michnik - jewish name
Jurgen Habermas - jewish name?
Tony Blair - Zionist tool
George Bush - Zionist tool
Bernard Kouchner - definitely jewish

So. There is no cabal controlling the world for
Israel and jewish
people, but half of the people you list in your article are jewish, or their actions
over the past 7 years have proved that they work for the zionists.

I am guessing the non jewish names are neocon collaborators who
have just not been exposed yet. In a year or 5, we will find out they have
connections to some neocon institute somewhere or the other. Or they are
married to a jewish
person like Kofi Annan is.

That really surprised me. I could never figure
out why Kofi Annan was so pro Israel
until I found that out.

That's far from untypical of the CiF comments section. And it's a useful reminder of the mindset of so much of the Left today.

This small detail had me stumped: Kofi Annan - pro-Israel ??

Googled "Annan Jewish wife" and look what crawled from under this rock.

Note the Marxist terms in which this piece of information is couched.
But then what else would you expect from a website which defines its mission as:

No hate. No violence
Races? Only one Human race
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Freedom of Speech - Use it or lose it!

As usual in such cases, I'm speechless.


At 1:12 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Noga, I read this post, and then purely by chance, I read this on the Wikipedia page about Islam in Sweden, under the section Controversies..

SMR has also been accused of being closely allied to the Swedish Social Democrat Party. Which has been criticised both inside and outside the party.[13]

Swedish social anthropologist Aje Carlbom and parliamentarian Abderisak Aden, who has founded the Islamic Democratic Institute (Islamiska demokratiska institutet), have both stated that they believe that at least part of the leading members of SMR support Islamist ideologies and are influenced by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. [14]

Also, the Moroccan secular republican Ahmed Rami produces his controversial (perceived as anti-semitic) Radio Islam from Sweden.

Which led me to this Wikipedia page...

Radio Islam

Radio Islam, was a Swedish radio channel, now a website, which is dedicated to "the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people against Israel". The EU's racism monitoring organization has called it "one of the most radical right wing anti-Semitic homepages on the net.


If you knew all this....sorry to bother you.

At 8:31 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, I didn't know. I stumbled upon that delightful website by pure chance. I'll bet there are many like those floating about the Internet. Scary, really.


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