Monday, February 18, 2008

Anti-Zionism is Racism

Haaretz Correspondent, Bradley Burston, draws a line:

Where does the line fall between legitimate criticism of Israeli policies on the one hand, and a racist anti-Zionism on the other? There is, in fact, such a line.

It is racist to suggest that all peoples have a right to self-determination in the land of their ancestors, with the exception of the Jews.

It is racist to maintain that Muslim historic and religious claims to Jerusalem and the Holy Land are absolute and date to antiquity, and at the same time to negate and dismiss Jewish historic and religious claims, to call Jews interlopers and usurpers and carpetbaggers in the land of their Bible, which is a sacred reference for Muslims as well.

It is racist to declare Zionism as an evil before which all other evils in the world pale, and to argue that any act of violence against non-combatants is justified in the service of defeating Zionism.

It is racist to take Israel and only Israel to task for its shortcomings in the areas of civil equality, sharing of resources, and the search for peace, while keeping silent or even taking pains to legitimize the same failures on the part of the countries and peoples one happens, as blindly as a pre-pubescent football fan, to support.

To seek to silence and boycott Israelis as Israelis is to violate human rights and acts, in the process, to undermine the cause of the Palestinians.


A couple of days the following was reported to me, from a very reliable source:

An Israeli Engineer, who has been a Canadian citizen for two decades now, works for a Canadian government agency which gives loans to Hi-tech R&D companies. Much to this person's surprise, he recently started receiving e-mails from a representative of one such company in which he was told that that company refuses to accept him as a representative of the Canadian government because he is an Israeli. As an Israeli, he was told, he must have been a soldier in the IDF, which makes him complicit in Israel's "crimes" and therefore a persona non grata.

The engineer passed the emails to his superiors who are thinking how to respond to this accusation.

Well, then... This is the logical consequence of the unthinking, hormonally-agitated Left aka Indecent Left. This racist impulse and these exclusionary instincts are the "fleurs du mal", the evil flowers of such ideology that seeks to deny to Jews what is amptly allowed and freely given to any other human being on this planet.

Never mind, of course, that the whole structure upon this ideology is based is an evil, medieval, myth which has gained mainstream, post-modern, respectability, as we see from such cases as this or these.


At 1:11 PM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

"This is the logical consequence of the unthinking, hormonally-agitated Left aka Indecent Left."

Or, as another option, an anti-Israeli Muslim ownership. Happens, I bin there...


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