Sunday, February 17, 2008

Danish Humour

I am familiar with British humour, French humour, Arab humour, Israeli humour, Jewish humour. But I was never exposed to Danish humour, until now.

It's quite a treat, a strange encounter of the third kind. Here, have a look.

(Thanks to Jura Watchmaker , from the Trots)


More Danish-funnies (via: Mick):

Despite conducting an ongoing genocide against non-Arabs in Darfur, there are certain issues of principle on which the Khartoum regime will not compromise:

The Sudanese government is planning to declare a ban on importing Danish products and on Danish officials entering the country. The ban was to be announced today, February 18.

The ban followed the re-publication of cartoons on the Prophet Muhammad by Danish papers.

The move came against the backdrop of a call for the boycott by clerics.


At 1:15 PM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Not bad to my taste.

Re other Danish stuff - I still remember seeing a Danish movie Neighbors - a slapstick loosely based on Romeo and Juliet. It was lots of years ago, but I still fondly remember some practical jokes. Even used a few.


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