Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Drinking Game

brought to you by Judeosphere.

Here are my favourite drinking opportunities:

Drink one shot whenever...

• An opinion piece opens with the declaration, “You can’t criticize Israel without being accused of anti-semitism” (Note: Drink a second shot when the rest of the article inevitably degenerates into anti-semitism)

• An author of a best-selling book criticizing Israel says that it’s impossible to publish a book or article criticizing Israel

• An adorable animal mascot is murdered by “Zionist thugs” on Hamas TV

• The UN introduces a resolution condemning Israel

• A supposedly “progressive” activist defends or “contextualizes” Holocaust denial

• A Western anti-nuclear activist defends Iran’s sovereign right to nuclear power

A Marxist praises Islamist ideology

• You read an article or commentary that manages to include all of the following words in five consecutive sentences or less: Zionism, racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and Nazis. (Note: Drink a bonus shot if you also see the word “octopus” or “tentacles”)

• Juan Cole “clarifies” a threatening statement made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

• Someone posts an anti-semitic comment at the Guardian’s CiF website

Chug half a bottle when...

• A commentator in the Arab world blames the region’s political and economic malaise on someone other than the United States, Israel, or Europe

• The BBC retracts or corrects a story

• The UN Human Rights Council denounces an Arab country

• Someone in the media notices that Qassam rockets are being routinely launched at Israel


At 3:24 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff Noga.

My current drinking game.....

Drink whenever a US Presidential candidate says the word "change." Watching a Barrack Obama speech will have you in a drunken stupor.

At 1:19 PM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Now Noga, this is serious - never let your drinking habits be regulated by politics! Or anything else, aside of the clear and unambiguous need of a drink.



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