Saturday, February 09, 2008

The master auctioneers of self pity

Via: Solomonia

On 20 January, the world was shocked by pictures of what appeared to be a widespread power outage in Gaza, allegedly caused by a cutoff of fuel and electricity supplies from Israel. Television cameras showed candle-light processions led by children in Gaza streets, a meeting of the Hamas Parliament in a darkened hall, a premature Gazan infant crying in a darkened incubator, and other dramatic depictions of an "Israeli caused blackout" of Palestinian areas.

In reality, it was all a staged hoax. Take a look at these pictures (continue here)

What's so depressing about these pictures is the total clarity of their hoax. There is not even an attempt to make them more sophisticated in their fabrication of reality and events. This contempt for the receptive audience denotes a much deeper understanding of the willingness, even eagerness, of the intended viewers to accept these lies as truth, even when the lies are so easily exposable.

This comment, by a commenter on Engage tries to explain:

... antisemitism as a type of racism is a mental health disorder that finds its expression through a form of political discourse, but cannot be addressed through political discourse. It is expressed as politics, objectively resembles a belief system and is fundamentally a projective identification disorder.


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