Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another friend of Obama's

surfaces... here:

Rev. James Meeks is a close friend and spiritual consultant to Sen. Obama. Rev. Meeks appeared in TV ads for Obama’s US Senate campaign; Obama campaigned at his church; and went there for prayer the night he won that primary. Meeks was on his exploratory committee for the Presidency, and his church choir performed at a rally for Obama the night he announced...

ev. Meeks is also an Illinois state senator who has aggressively campaigned against gay rights and complained about “Hollywood Jews for bringing us ‘Brokeback Mountain’.” He ran for governor on an antigay platform. He calls being gay an “evil sickness,” and his gigantic church is one of those which sponsors a Halloween fright night in which, according to the “Chicago Sun Times,” among those “consigned to the flames of hell” were “two mincing young men wearing body glitter who were supposed to be homosexuals..."

...I asked former Edwards/now Obama supporter Eric Stern at why Obama, unlike Edwards in his own multipage manifesto, as it were, left us out—why in the 64-page “Blueprint for Change—Barack Obama’s Plan for America” you cannot find one sentence, one word, one syllable relating to LGBT issues. Nothing about DOMA, DADT, civil unions, gay adoption, ENDA, hate crimes, immigration, even AIDS.

I got no answer


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