Thursday, March 20, 2008

The secret and violent life of talk-show hosts

The Iconoclast asks:

"What's Wrong With Anderson Cooper?"

Aside from a slight scratch on his face which worried some CNN viewers enough to merit an explanation from the handsome one?

The Iconocalst answers:

I finally figured out what is wrong with Anderson Cooper. It's his name. He doesn't sound like a man. He sounds like an accounting firm.

Yes, but that's rather old news.

And the scratch? According to Mr. Cooper, a very minor procedure to remove a pre-cancerous something. And no, he wasn't involved in a brawl with Charlie Rose, who sports these days a very fine bruise under his left eye worthy of a prize fighter's morning after..

The Machinist provides Charlie's explanation:

... Rose tripped in a pothole walking down 59th St. in Manhattan.

The host, whom Arrington says is a gadget-hound, was carrying his new MacBook Air, and thus he had a big decision to make: Protect his face, or the beautiful machine? In the split-second before he kissed the pavement, Rose chose to save the computer.

"In doing so, he pretty much hit the pavement face first, unfortunately," producers told Arrington.

Producers say the MacBook Air was undamaged, save for the blood stains.


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