Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Shoah" translations:

Further to this,

Seth Freedman, on the Guardian, explains, though not perfectly.

The imperfection comes from his explanation that in the Israeli army, where he gets his knowledge on this matter, the word "shoah" is used sarcastically. But he does not accept that "shoah" actually can mean something different to only "holocaust". That is again, wrong. Because Vilnai definitely used "shoah" to mean disaster (maybe even a great disaster) and not "Holocaust" which has come to mean genocide.

It's too late, however, to try to roll back the damage that was done. It's a classical case of the excesses of the media, and a deliberate, irresponsible rush-to-judgment by all sorts of "intellectuals" who would not stop to consider the possibility that there might be something they are unaware of in this non-story.


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