Monday, March 31, 2008

A very British story:

Snoopythegoon sometimes serves his readers with arcane stories about strange people. As a rule I don't find them entertaining but rather depressing. But not this one:

Max Mosley, president of motorsports' governing body FIA, is under pressure after a British tabloid reported Sunday that he engaged in sex acts with prostitutes that involved Nazi role- playing.

Mosley, the son of British Union of Fascists founder Sir Oswald Mosley, is alleged to be seen on a video that shows him screaming orders in German and lashing girls wearing concentration camp uniforms.

The man on the video - allegedly Mosley - is also seen to be whipped by the prostitutes before engaging in sexual acts. He then drank a cup of tea with them.

If a person has a penchant for kinky sex which involves sado-masochist shenanigans, wouldn't the Nazi paraphernalia be a rather ... natural choice? Would people be any less scandalized if the games involved curvaceous, Soviet-uniformed dominatrices?

Be that as it may, it appears to me that poor Mosley, who cannot have had a very wholesome upbringing, may be trying to exorcise some of his demons, through these strange rituals. Why do I think these are rituals? Because they all end up drinking tea, instead of indulging in a stupor-inducing, Dionysian alcoholic orgy. The ultimate British social ritual, which couldn't be any more innocent. It is not even coffee...

And even if I'm wrong, I hardly think Mosley's secret sex choices have anything to do with Jews. Which is why I don't really understand why the article makes a special mention of some champion's Jewish mother. For me it is another indication how the British are quite clueless about how to relate rationally to their Jewish compatriots. But that's another story, and another post. All in due time.


The discussion over at Snoopy's has gone where... well, almost any man has gone before. The merest whisper of spanking, and the fetishes are up and about... What is it about men's obsession with sex and cars? Please don't answer this question. I just don't want to know.


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