Saturday, April 12, 2008

Biased BBC

From The Iconoclast

Speaking of the BBC, here is a story in which two similar measures, one by Egypt and one by Israel are described entirely differently. One side is preventing a "breach of the border" and the other is imposing a "blockade."

Egypt has sent 1,200 extra security personnel to the border area with Gaza,
officials say.

The Egyptians fear another breach of the frontier by
Palestinians trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza...

If they're breaching the Egyptian frontier, why isn't that described as
breaking through an Egyptian blockade?

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said any attempt to violate Egyptian
territory would be unacceptable, describing Mr al-Haya's statement as

January's breach of the border came after Palestinian militants
destroyed barricades. The frontier was closed again in early February.

Israel tightened its blockade of the Gaza Strip when Hamas seized
control of Gaza in June.

It says the blockade is necessary to prevent rocket
attacks by Palestinian militants on Israeli communities near the border.

What's Egypt's explanation? Why don't they allow the poor Palestinians in?

They're not firing rockets into Egypt. Where is that legendary Arab solidarity with the ummah?


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