Friday, April 11, 2008

Competing for white guys vote
A feisty, but cute, look at the targets of the Obama-Clinton race:

By Gail Collins, Seattle PI

...The historic contest between a woman and an African-American for the presidential nomination is now all about white men.

Not that the white male voters asked for this...

Courting them is extremely tricky. It's not like you can promise that under your presidency, more white men would be appointed to the Supreme Court.

The candidates' desperation to make contact is showing. Barack Obama goes bowling in Altoona -- with disastrous consequences. Hillary Clinton attempts to compare herself to Rocky Balboa, prompting many people to note that Rocky lost to a black guy. Obama, rather cruelly, points out that Rocky is a fictional character. Clinton, in turn, reveals that she owns her own bowling ball. modern politics, the people who choose up sides are doomed to be taken for granted while the whole world goes running after the folks on the fence.

...the white guys did not ask for the honor of being the target demographic....

I still wonder if the white males have been maintaining their even-handedness through some kind of secret pact. ...Maybe Hillary's blunder about being under sniper fire in Bosnia was just an attempt to make contact with a group that feels somewhat under siege.


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