Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hamas (heart) Obama:

Power Line noticed that

Hamas has endorsed Barack Obama for President. ...

"We like Mr. Obama and we hope he will win the election....He has a vision to change America."

Maybe Yousef has some insight into what Obama means by all these vague references to "change."

...Yousef also described Jimmy Carter... as "this noble man" who "did an excellent job as President."

Yousef was asked about Obama's condemnation of Carter's visit with Hamas, but didn't seem troubled by it. Hamas, he says, understands American politics; this is the election season, and everyone wants to sound like a friend of Israel. Nevertheless, he hopes that the Democrats will change American policies when they take office.

I keep asking the question: why do they support him, in spite of all the renouncing, denouncing, and rejecting that he has done, publicly? What do they think they know, or understand about this man, that American Jews, and others, do not? *

Obama is well aware of the paradox and takes into consideration when he appeals to the Jewish vote:

"At another point during the morning, Obama asked his audience ³to not base decisions on who to support or not on e-mails or superficial characteristics or associations that are tangential to who I am or what I believe in.'"

I'm sort of hopeful myself that this is a cool-headed man who thinks for himself. I just hope he won't make the mistake of accepting Jimmy Carter's endorsement, should that vapid person offer it. Such an endorsement will deal a blow to any credibility Obama enjoys now with the pro-Israel crowds.



* I think I'm beginning to have an idea about a possible answer. Could it have anything to do with Obama's skin colour, his middle name and his Muslim background? His opinions as voiced by him, repeatedly and rather insistently contradicting the expectations of these "supporters" mean nothing to them. What matters most are his race, his ethnicity and his father's religion.

I wouldn't be surprised if his Muslim supporters do not rather see him as one of their own, playing a role, using the famous dissimulation principle known as "takyia".


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