Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hamasized Carter hiding under Condoleeza Rice's apron:

Carter's holier-than-thou disgusting religious vapidity has left its morally-soiled and illiterate mark on the US's Foreign Office. A new twist on how the disgraceful person, a maligner of Israel and Jews, a de-facto antisemite, gets to be defended and exempt from the consequences of his own interfering folly:

Here is The Iconoclast:

The U.S. government has no business trying to censure this man for telling the truth as he sees it. He's right. Carter is a disgrace and it was he who had no business conducting his own private diplomatic initiative with Hamas. This further confirms our suspicion that Secretary Rice is perhaps the worst Secretary of State in American history - and that's saying something.

And here is The Moderate Voice

Ironically, we have Jimmy Carter to thank for Secretary Condi Rice’s switch in political parties in 1980. Dr. Rice is an expert on the Soviet Union and Russia.

She became a Republican because Jimmy Carter appeared to be so naïve about the Communist Soviet Union following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. She has said, “I remember thinking, What did you think we were dealing with? This is a horrible government — of course they invaded some foreign country!” It was then she decided we needed a tougher policy toward “this repressive regime.” Carter’s mishandling of the Cold War lead her to vote for Ronald Reagan. Condi admired his strength and foreign policy regarding the Soviets. “I thought the Soviets were aggressive and playing us like a violin. I thought Carter didn’t understand the true nature of the Soviet Union, which was pretty dark.”


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