Saturday, April 12, 2008

Random Quotes collected in tranquility from the Internet:

...he has revealed the profound sense of unearned superiority that is the sad and persistent hallmark of contemporary liberalism. (Here)

What will he [Obama] do as President? Will he support one at the expense of the other or be committed to a two-state solution? Toss a coin, you have a 50% chance of being right. (Here)

...from what I got from some family members who lived in a village that had many jews, the say they were treated normally, but they suddenly went and left everything without anyreason in the late 40 and 50s. believe me some of those members who told me this story dont now a country named palestian or israel or jeruslim. the just tell me the jews left the village . (From a comment on Solomonia, here)

‘Centrist” — I fucking despise any cunt and cunts like them that congregate around the same assumptions/ideology and pish that describe themselves as such, that I’ve run out of words to describe the fuckers just now.

fuck it — this will have to do at the moment.

Any fucker who describes themselves as a ‘centrist’ is quite obviously:

1) a fascist
2) a moron
3) a-political
4) thicker than a moron
5) scum without a shred of self awareness.
6) only worth pissing on.
7) a nihilist

I am getting to the point now where I am ready to arm myself and retire to a fortified arena — anyone who comes near me will be shot to shit!!! (Comment on the DSTPFW)

Take it from this Palestinian, Hamas and other kharas [shits]that represent our valiant nation do not want a state or even a quasi-pre-state - but rather an ongoing low-intensity conflict. There is an inherent belief that Israel will pack up and leave, just like the crusader state did centuries before. The well-being of the population ranks last in their list of priorities. (Nizo, in a comment on Simply Jews, here)

I might never achieve the free society I dream of. But I'd rather fail then forgot the dream in the cold light of day. I kinda pity you. Genuinely. (Comment, here)

..I mean I never pretend to be remembering. The Muses are the daughters of Memory, not Memory herself. Blake preferred Imagination. 'The poet lies for the improvement of truth. Believe him.' (Charles Tomlinson) (George Szirtes, here)

More of the same sad but predictable “blame the Jews” rhetoric from a so-called “progressive” black preacher. Not only that, the reverend is being historically dishonest. As he must be well aware, Stokely Carmichael gave his “Black Power” speech in 1966 and there were plenty of militant leaders who were critical of King’s willingness to work with white, Jewish and other allies across the color line, particularly in the labor movement, well before King’s assassination. Malcolm X comes to mind here. Turns out Reverend Lee is also a fellow-traveler of International ANSWER, CAIR, and Cynthia McKinney. No surprise there. McKinney’s father blamed the J-E-W-S for her his election defeat in (2006) 2002. (The New Centrist, here)

The difference from Fitna to Schism is simple:the author of Schism don’t need protection from the the Christ followers, where the author of Fitna need to be protected from the followers of Allah.

Raed will never do any movie against Islam because we all know what would happen to him in the Kingdom of Saud.Without freedom anything he do is worthless.

And the citations of the Bible are wrong, because they are descriptive, not prescriptive. But this is difficul for a muslim to understand. (Comment on "Schism" see it here, on Saudi Jeans)


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