Saturday, May 10, 2008

A good story, on many levels...

But, on the other hand, there is this reality:

PHR-I went on the offensive again this month, claiming that Israel was denying entry permits for Palestinian patients seeking medical attention in Israel. (A now familiar mantra also voiced by NGO superpowers including, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch). Israel stood accused of denying entry to sick Palestinians for "arbitrary" and malevolent reasons, though this too was a distortion.

Last week, it was reported by The Jerusalem Post that Palestinians from Gaza have been bribing local doctors to declare they need urgent medical treatment in Israel. According to the Shin Bet, "there has been an increase in the exploitation of Israel's humanitarian policy by way of fraudulent medical permits in return for bribes to doctors in the Gaza Strip."


Allowing entry to all Palestinians requesting medical treatment and hoping for the best is a game of Russian roulette. In May 2007, two female suicide bombers were caught using false medical information to gain authentic entry permits into Israel in order to carry out a double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv and Netanya. This is precisely the type of behavior which forces Israel to weigh security and humanitarian concerns - a calculus fraught with moral complexity.

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