Friday, May 02, 2008

Justice, Saudi style: Nightmare

via: Mick

Boğday ... was arrested by Saudi officials after being accused by his Egyptian neighbor, a tailor with whom he had a brawl, of “cursing the name of Allah.” Saudi authorities condemned him to death...A Saudi Arabian court on Thursday ratified the conviction of Turkish barber Sabri Bogday, who was sentenced to beheading in Saudi Arabia on charges of "cursing the name of God." ...

... immigrants are at higher risk of being convicted under Saudi Arabia's strict execution laws. According to the group's figures, out of 158 people executed in 2007, 76 were foreigners.

..."On occasion, their sentence depends solely on confessions obtained under constraint, torture or subterfuge. Trials take place in secret and the accused and their families are not informed of the accusations against them or the evolution of the procedures concerning them," the World Coalition stated."

It's a story that if you made it up, you would be right away pilloried as a flaming Islamophobe.

We thought this scene from Life of Brian was hilarious, didn't we?


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