Monday, May 12, 2008

Killed by toy bombs and Christmas crackers

I. Yesterday morning an Israel Air Force missile hit gunmen as they were approaching the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip.

On Friday night the IAF struck at two Hamas positions in the Rafah area, killing five Hamas men, in retaliation for a mortar attack earlier Friday by Hamas militants that killed Jimmy Kedoshim, 48, as he was tending the garden of his home on Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

II. Five Qassam rockets were fired from Gaza toward Israeli territory since Tuesday morning. Both landed in open areas south of Ashkelon. A brushfire erupted as a result and shrapnel hit a high-voltage line.

The Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks.

Shuli Katz, a 70-year-old resident of Kibbutz Gvaram was
killed Monday evening when a Qassam rocket slammed into the backyard of a residential home in Yesha – a small community belonging to the Eshkol Regional Council. (Source:)

He was an evil man. She was an evil woman. Just as evil as the Palestinian terrorists who deliberately targeted and fired upon them as he was engaged in the threatening of Palestinian life and future by planting flowers in his garden and she was spending an evening visiting relatives in a residential home.

From Zio-Nation blog:

Few of the Palestinian Arabic-language press that I could find has mentioned that the victim of today's rocket attack was a 70-year old grandmother.

Palestine Today describes her as a "youth of American origin."

Ma'an does not mention it.

I couldn't find a mention in WAFA.

Firas Press describes her as a "settler."

Palestine News Network described her as an "Israeli settler."

And Islamic Jihad refers to her as a "settler."

Only Ramattan calls her a 70-year old woman.

The venerable lady has been rejuvenated for the purposes of Palestinian propaganda... At Palestinian Web sites, there is propaganda about "siege narratives." This victim cannot give her narrative, as she is dead. Neither can 48 year old civilian Jimmy Kdoshim of Kfar Aza, killed a few days ago. Dead people don't have "narratives," the fact of their deaths is enough.


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