Saturday, May 03, 2008

London mayoral elections

Ken Livingstone lost.

From the following two reactions, it would appear that an antisemite has been replaced by an Islamophobe.

Here is an exercise: what reasons are given for perceiving Livingstone an antisemite? What reasons are given for calling Johnson an Islamophobe? Compare and contrast:

The Iconoclast:

With nearly 1 million Muslim Londoners our leaders should have mobilised the Muslim vote to stop the rise to power of a Zionist Islamophobe. But they stood back and watched as Ken Livingstone, the most pro-Palestinian and pro-Muslim elected politician we’ve ever had, was hounded from power.

"Hounded from power"? This was a free and fair election. The people have spoken.


...The Labour candidate for Mayor of London was Ken Livingstone, a man who has embraced and apologized for antisemites - most notably Gerry Healy and Yousef Al-Qaradawi.

Livingstone berated a Jewish journalist, saying that he was just like a Nazi; he resolutely refused to apologize.

He accused the Board of Deputies of British Jews of dishonestly pretending to be concerned about his late night insults in order to cover its real agenda - the defence of Israeli human rights abuses.

He pioneered the Livingstone Formulation, by which anybody who raises the issue of antisemitism is accused of acting in bad faith and by which criticism of Israel is conflated with irrational hatred.

... The Labour candidate in this election was a bigot. He lost. Labour should not stand a bigot next time.


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