Thursday, May 08, 2008

On the Occasion of Israel's 60th anniversary, here are some accolades extended her way by her enemies:

Iranian TV Report Exposes "Zionist" Companies

Hamas MP: PEPSI Stands for 'Pay Every Pence to Save Israel'

Iraqi Deputy Governor:
Some of Al-Qaeda Leaders in Iraq Are Uncircumcised, Non-Muslim Mossad Agents

Syria: Israel behind bird flu

Khamenei: Cartoon row is 'zionist conspiracy'


It reminded me of this joke, via Civitas Blog:

It’s Berlin 1936 and two Jews sit together on a park bench to read their daily newspapers. One pulls out a copy of a familiar Yiddish newspaper that offers up its latest daily bulletin of woes currently besetting their people.

Much to his amazement, his companion pulls out and proceeds to immerse himself in the pages of a copy of the Nazi newspaper Der Sturmer.

The first Jew turns to the second in horror and asks what could possibly have possessed him to choose to read such a virulently anti-semitic newspaper. His companion patiently replies by explaining as follows:

‘Well’, he says ‘whenever I read a Yiddish newspaper, all I ever learn about are pogroms, more Arab riots in Palestine against Jewish settlers, the latest German laws dispossessing Jews and curbing their freedom. It’s all too depressing. If, however, I turn to Der Sturmer, what then do I read? That the Jews own all the banks; they control the media, dominate the arts. Frankly, that's far more uplifting.’


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