Thursday, May 29, 2008

Restoring the world to the only true religion:

A former Saudi information minister, Muhammad Abduh Al-Yamani, explains:

It was not Islam that got rid of [ the "Judeo-Christian] religion"] . It was caused by the contamination that occurred in this religion. They changed, altered, and distorted their holy books, and Islam came to rectify this. Islam has not changed a thing in the teachings of Moses.

Interviewer: So one of the basic principles of this dialogue is to accept that the [Jews and Christians] have a religion.

Muhammad Abduh Al-Yamani: Yes, and we respect this religion, but we say to them: “You’ve changed it, and you know that the books you have are not the divine gospel and the divine Torah. You have changed them. You yourselves admit that your books were written by priests and others who altered them. We want to bring you back to the original religion.”

The video here.

(H/T: The Iconoclast)


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