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God-Given gets a fine

From the 'Z' Word blog"

.... French comic Dieudonne has been fined “nearly $11,000 for referring to Holocaust remembrance as ‘memorial pornography’ at a news conference following a performance in Algeria in February 2005.” The report also notes some of his more choice sayings - “Zionism is the AIDS of Judaism,” along with a variation of this old favorite: “Those Jews who criticize me are all former slave merchants who now control the media and the banks.”

The New Yorker magazine published a profile
of the French comic by Tom Reiss :

Dieudonné gave two performances of “Mes Excuses” in Algeria in early 2005, and held a press conference at which he told his Algerian audience that those in power in France—here he specifically mentioned Jean-Pierre Rafarrin, the French Prime Minister—are forced to “lick the ass” of the C.R.I.F., France’s main Jewish organization, and called the group “a Mafia that controls the republic.” He also said that “the Zionist lobby cultivates the idea of their unique suffering,” adding that “a war has been declared on blacks.” A news report on the now defunct site,, which quoted Dieudonné as referring to the Shoah as “memorial pornography,” caused an uproar.

[-] From the stage of the Main d’Or, Dieudonné mocked his attackers. “Every time Bernard Lévy writes about me, it’s ‘Dieudonné, bastard!’ ‘Anti-Semite!’ ‘Anti-Semite!’ As soon as anything annoys him—‘Anti-Semite!’ It’s a great system, really.” Dieudonné swatted an imaginary mosquito on his cheek, shouting, “Anti-Semite!”

Bernard-Henri Lévy’s apartment on the Boulevard St. Germain reflects why, to the modern French anti-Semite, the initials “BHL” represent what the name Rothschild once did: the ultimate international Jew, running a global plot from the finest address in Paris.

“In France, being an anti-Semite in the old way does not work,” Lévy said when I asked him about Dieudonné. “You will not raise a mass movement by saying the Jews killed Christ—nobody cares. Accuse them of having invented Christ, like Voltaire did in the eighteenth century, still nobody cares. As far as being a special race, nobody believes that anymore.
But anti-racist anti-Semitism—saying that for the sake of the blacks, for the sake of the Arabs, we must make the Jews shut up—this works. If the Jews practiced ‘memorial pornography’—thus exaggerating their own suffering—they became responsible for why the world didn’t care enough about the history of slavery and the suffering of blacks. Dieudonné and his followers suppose that the capacity for empathy and the capacity for indignation is limited. But the brain doesn’t work like this—you can care about the Holocaust and slavery. The more you are concerned by one, the more you are likely to be concerned by the other.”

Dieudonné is just an extreme case of quite a few so-called "Leftists", closer to home, who harbour very similar sentiments and express the same kind of hostility towards Jews, not in intensity (maybe) but in substance. One unmistakable sign is the affection and sympathy such "Leftists" usually express towards notorious antisemites (like Louis Farrakhan). This rapprochement, between the Obscene Left and the Radical Right seems an inevitable eventuality, once you start on the path of Jew-stalking:

As Dieudonné was ostracized by the mainstream media and the political establishment, he made new friends—people like Thierry Meyssan, the author of the much translated 2002 book “L’Effroyable Imposture” (“The Big Lie”), which suggests that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were a plot hatched by elements of the U.S. military-industrial complex; Ginette Skandrani, a staunch Palestinian activist and a co-founder of France’s Green Party; and Alain Soral, a writer for and adviser to Le Pen.

La voilà!


At 9:56 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What these people all share in common--across the political spectrum--is they are extremists. I find that extremism often brings disparate groups together. For example, Marcus Garvey's meetings with the KKK to discuss the value of racial separateness. Both agreed that separate lands for blacks and whites was the way to go. Farrakhan has met with white supremacists to discuss similar ideas.

"In July, 1990 Farrakhan granted an extensive exclusive interview to Spotlight where his views of separate development for the Black and white communities was stressed. The interview was presented in an overwhelmingly sympathetic and supportive fashion, with an introduction by the editors where Farrakhan's movement was described as "based on the cultivation of spiritual, education, and family values, as well as racial separation." As mentioned earlier, the Spotlight is part of a quasi-Nazi empire and has praised the Waffen SS, celebrated racist skinheads, promotes white supremacists, questions the factual basis of Hitler's attempted genocide of Jews and other enemies of the Reich, and fills its pages with articles claiming "dual loyalist" Jews control the media, U.S. foreign policy, and CIA covert operations."


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