Saturday, June 14, 2008

Here is one supporter Presidential hopeful Obama can do without:

George Galloway, again addressing a favourite audience, this time on Hamas TV, affecting an Arab accent and pandering to the fantasies of Palestinians:

"I hope that the new presidency in the United States... I pray for the safety of Barack Obama, and I pray that he can shift the United States' attitude to this question. "

"..After all, if the United States can take everything she wants from the Arabs, and still follow a policy of cutting throats of the Arabs - why to change? If you can have whatever you want, and do whatever you want - well, why to change?"


At 2:25 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What drives people like George Galloway to such far fetched positions, Noga?

Slitting Arab throats? That is hate mongering, stirring up anti Americanism, is good for the revolution?


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