Thursday, June 19, 2008

Inclusiveness: Obama's Muslim problem

From the Iconoclast: a Machiavellian post:

"CAIR Urges Obama to Include Muslim Women in Upcoming Events

Me too."


... two Muslim women... were barred from sitting behind the podium at a Michigan rally, to an upcoming campaign event.

Media reports indicate the women were kept from the podium area because campaign volunteers did not want the candidate associated with the women's Islamic scarves, or hijabs. Campaign officials later apologized to the women.

As you must know, people are sceptical about Obama's religious identity only in the United States (and possibly Europe). In the Islamic world, his Muslim identity seems to be in no doubt whatsoever.

Why is that?

I can understand Obama's wish to distance himself from these dogmatic Islamists with their bear hug and adulation of him, for all the wrong reasons. They want him because they believe that deep in his heart, he shares their hatred of Jews and Israel. Who wants to be friends with perverse people like that? Still, there is something sad about the incident, that these two women were asked to move because their presence in a photo with Obama might remind people of those other people, from whose wet kisses he tries to extricate himself.

This is the damage that the fanatic and delusional Arab regimes cause to innocent people, half a world away from their parallel universe of grandiloquent fantasies. However, the decision to remove the two ladies was Obama's campaign call. They should be able to deal with the complexity of American diverse society more adroitly, without resorting to asking someone to step out of a photo because of who he or she is. The kind of panicky touble-shooting exemplified in this incident is hardly a good sign of foresight and wisdom.


At 8:23 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I realize that there is more nuance to this issue. Similar occurences have already been noted, with Obama's staff denying blacks seats behind him, and ushering white folks into those seats. Im sure the male/female dynamic has been played as well.


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