Monday, June 30, 2008

Iranian Film Critique: Genuinely La-la

Via: Mick Hartley, who has a special knack for capturing absurdities in his net:

Deconstructing "Chicken Run" as a Zionist plot

Even though "Chicken Run" is a sort of fantasy about an animal farm, on a deeper level it depicts the Zionists' favorite themes, which appear in many of the visual dramas of the 20th century. The recreation of a kind of genocide, using visual elements reminiscent of Nazi Germany death camps – an idea linked to the religious themes of a savior and immigration to a promised land – serves a propaganda machine, whose goal it is to depict itself as a symbol for the oppressed and for those who suffer. [...]

Deconstructing "Saving Private Ryan" as a Zionist plot

While the blacks and other minorities protest the fact that Hollywood ignores their role in American history, but to no avail, prominent films like "Saving Private Ryan" highlight the role of Jewish soldiers. By exaggerating this role, the Zionists seem to be trying to achieve legitimacy for their post-war actions. In the military cemetery shown in the opening scene of the film, the picture has been edited to draw attention to the Jewish graves among others. [...]

Deconstructing "Schindler's List" as a mega Zionist plot

The Jewish Steven Spielberg, whose previous film, "Schindler's List," reflected Zionist goals, and who turned the false story of the holocaust into an influential movie, is now making a new movie, about Private Ryan. [...]

If you watch the video clip, here, and listen carefully to the presenter, you may begin to figure out (in case you were stumped) why the claim is made that "Ryan" rhymes with "Zion". He pronounces in Persian "Zion" as "Za'yan", and "Ryan" as "Ra'yan"....

These, and these, are the kind of people some Americans think they can talk to, without pre-conditions... (No, not Obama, who no longer posits the "without pre-conditions" phrase before declaring his intention to speak to enemies of such malevolence).


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