Sunday, July 06, 2008

Desecrating the Quran..., killing prisoners...

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I. On the scales of world opinion, some Muslim corpses are light as a feather, and others weigh tonnes. Two measures, two weights.

II. The Qur'an desecration controversy of 2005 began when Newsweek's April 30 issue contained a report about U.S. prison guards or interrogators deliberately damaging a copy of Islam's holiest book, the Qur'an. A week later, the charge that Americans were "desecrating the book on which our entire faith is based," .... inflamed the Muslim world.


On May 10 and continuing the following week, many violent anti-American protests took place, and in some areas these turned into deadly riots. In Afghanistan, demonstrations... were reported to have caused at least seventeen deaths. The United Nations, as a precautionary measure, withdrew all its foreign staff from Jalalabad, where two of its guest houses were attacked, government buildings and shops were targeted, and the offices of two international aid groups were destroyed. Demonstrations also took place in Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan and Indonesia, leading to the death of at least 15 people. (Source)

III. The BBC reports:

Clashes between guards and prisoners at a jail in Syria have resulted in many deaths, human-rights groups have said.

At least 25 people were killed after military police fired live bullets at Islamist inmates, the groups said.

...Several prisoners have managed to contact Syrian human rights group, as well as the BBC, by telephone.

They said the guards had also desecrated copies of the Koran.

...One inmate told the BBC... "They shackled our hands behind us, confiscated our clothes and possessions, and beat us. And they insulted the Koran, they trod on the Koran," he told the BBC's Arabic service.


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