Sunday, July 13, 2008

The imp of the perverse

Creepy Norman Finkelstein's tantrum continues:

He's living in his father's old rent controlled apartment and wants to travel to see an Arab friend in Hebron. Trouble is he's been barred from the country. So he's threatening to go for Israeli citizenship (he is "Jewish," after all) as a test case to force the government to allow him in.

I made a few comments on this thread:

The law of return, unfortunately for Finkelstein, is a LAW, written by thinking humans, not a RIGHT, which is granted hallowed status of untouchability. That means that he can apply for Israeli citizenship but he is by no means guaranteed to receive one.

There were cases when Jews were rejected by the state:

"A Jew can be excluded from Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return if he or she is considered to be dangerous to the welfare of the State of Israel. Jews who have a past that involves a serious crime, such as murder, or who are fugitives in another country for any felony (unless they are labeled such as persecution victims) can be denied the right of return, (e.g. Meyer Lansky, Victor Vancier).[4] Also Jews converting to other religions lose their right to citizenship under the Law of Return, (e.g. Brother Daniel)."

I think that the first condition is easily met in Fink's case. He met with enemy agents and incited for violence against the very country whose citizenship he seeks. I'm surprised he thinks this ploy can work.

On "Democracy Now" (The Mos Eisley of the indecent Left), Musa Abu Hashhash claims to have been quite traumatized by Finkelstein's inability to visit with him and his children. They were all practically heart-broken:

"MUSA ABU HASHHASH: [inaudible] I was shocked, you know. I didn’t expect Israel would, you know, come to this kind of decision, you know? Norman has been visiting us for fifteen times, and every time it was OK. He spent for night—ten days at our home, and we are friends. You know, I never, never thought it would happen. It was painful to us, to my family, to my children, to my wife. You know, all, we cried and did not understand now—’til now what happened. Why?"

Two later comments, speculating on the root causes for Finkelstein's terminal disease of hatred for Israel and Jews, here.

One thing is for sure, he is a sad sad human being.


At 12:26 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the state can ban citizenship to Kahane, there is no reason to think or expect the state will allow citizenship to Fink. Whatever one's critique of the Kahanists, they are dedicated to the defense of Israel and the Jewish people. Fink seems hell-bent on the destruction of both.

At 11:56 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kahane was never stripped of his Israeli citizenship. His party was banned from the Knesset under a law that denies seating to "racist" parties.

In the US the political movement Kahane founded is banned as a "terrorist" organization. Meanwhile, the US National Socialist Workers Party, which calls for the gassing of all Jews, operates freely and without hinderence. And the Nation of Islam, led by the man Barack Obama respectfully calls Reverend Farrakhan, publicly threatens the Jews "You can't say 'Never again' to God, because when He puts you in the oven, you're in deep."

The US is a wonderful country where all are equal under the law. Almost like Canada.

At 12:55 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

"... the man Barack Obama respectfully calls Reverend Farrakhan"

I think the proper appelation is "Minister Farrakhan". And I doubt Obama respects him. However, Obama follows a certain code of respectful engagement which he adheres to and I... respect him for that...

Check out Cass Sunstein's esteem for the man:

At 6:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the JDL was still active: Address in LA. That's operating pretty openly.

Besides, those right-wing groups are targeted pretty much as vigorously [these days] as left-wing, ethnic, and Jewish groups.

Funny thing is the couple of major points Farrakhan and Kahane might have agreed on:

1. Jews shouldn't live with or mix with other people.

2. Jews are somehow "different" from everyone else, perhaps moreso than other types of division.


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