Sunday, July 27, 2008

Report: Attitudes of Muslim students in the UK

Via: The Iconoclast

Here are a few excerpts:

The Telegraph has a more detailed précis of the report from the Centre for Social Cohesion on the attitudes of Muslim students in the UK.

A study on the attitudes of students has found that

...28 per cent said killing could be justified if the religion was under attack

...another four per cent supported killing in order to "promote and preserve" the religion.

... 53 per cent, said killing in the name of religion was never justifiable but among non-Muslim students that figure was 94 per cent.

...40 per cent ... supported [Sharia] introduction into law for Muslims in Britain,

...37 per cent opposed it.

...A third of those surveyed supported the creation of a worldwide Muslim caliphate

... 25 per cent opposed it

Half of the students said they would not be supportive of a friend who wanted to leave Islam.

... A quarter of those surveyed were members of their Islamic society – compared with six per cent for other faiths - but only a third said the societies promoted interfaith activities.

...None of the students admitted to being gay or lesbian

...25 per cent said they had little or no respect for others who were.

... When it came to wearing the hijab or headscarf, 59 per cent said it was important, with more women than men agreeing…

...A quarter of students said men and women were not equal in the eyes of Allah

Hannah Stuart, from the Centre for Social Cohesion, co-author of the report, said: "These findings are deeply alarming."


Because "Students in higher education are the future leaders of their communities yet significant numbers of them appear to hold beliefs which contravene liberal, democratic values..... These results are deeply embarrassing for those who have said that there is no extremism in British universities."

But, according to...

The National Union of Students: "...This report actually undermines cohesion and the joint efforts of students, institutions and government in tackling violent extremism."


At 10:29 AM EDT, Blogger Bald Headed Geek said...

These findings are more than alarming--they are a sign of more ominous things to come if we don't smarten up as a society.


At 12:07 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These reports arent alarming. Anybody who says they are, has been promoting a false reality, for whatever reason.

At 10:40 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.


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