Saturday, July 19, 2008

Word of the day:

I borrowed today's word from a website which specializes in providing meanings and examples to words. The website was brought to my attention by Ami Isseroff's blogpost.

The word is:


It means, according to this online dictionary: "Offensive, insulting, causing ill-will; "

The dictionary helpfully provides two examples of usage:

"Miss Givens is an invidious presence that creates far too much tension in the office."

"Before Civil Rights legislation of the 60s and 70s, the US was home to many invidious laws discriminating against minority groups."

I believe I get the meaning. Here is my example:

It is my perception that the website "" is an invidious website vulgarly skewed against Jews and Jewish history.

You won't find the malign bias in the definitions provided for such words as "occupation" or "holocaust", but you will find them among the examples of usage provided. As in the case of "holocaust", the most fitting example the redactors of this dictionary could find, making the connection between "Jewish" and "Holocaust" was:

Nazi: Finally, I emphatically believe that the Nazi holocaust should be studied.

"Jewish: Zionists relentless attempts for world domination may lead to a new Jewish holocaust"

Ponder upon the unifying thought that underlies both these examples and you'll understand why this website is invidious to Jews and Jewish history..


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