Friday, July 18, 2008

Word of the day:

I've decided to start a new regular daily feature today in which I will post a word or words that for some reason struck my fancy. My fancy can be excited by anything I may encounter across my Internet travels.

Today's word is:

biddy n: A silly woman, especially a garrulous old one.
Here is an example of old biddy conversation, note the mixture of spite and false knowingness, and complete lack of ironic self-awareness:
Old Biddy at the Wedding #1: “Look at this garden, isn’t it lovely?”
Old Biddy at the Wedding #2: “And the bridesmaids...just gorgeous.”
They look on in silent content. Christianne comes barreling down the aisle.
Old Biddy #1: “Sweet Jesus, who is that?”
Old Biddy #2: “She must be the single one. I heard about her.”
Old Biddy #1: “Isn’t she the reason they had to have dresses to the knee?”
Old Biddy #2: “I heard that the bride wanted shorter dresses...
Old Biddy #1: "Didn't want to to embarrass her friend?”
Old Biddy #2: “Cellulite thighs! At her age! She’ll never find a husband.”
Old Biddy #1: “Let alone have children…Isn’t she near the bride’s age?"
Old Biddies (in unison): "Tick tock, Tick tock!”
Old Biddy #2: “It’s probably better that way. Not everyone should procreate.”
Old Biddy #1: “The good Lord works in mysterious ways.”
Example #2:
Shes a rough old biddy from Myakka City
And they call her Gator bait
She swears like a man, swears like a man
and drinks her whiskey straight........
Example #3:
I had a run in with a mean old biddy in Chelmsford a few months ago, she almost knocked me over as she pulled out, went off through the crowd and had people jumping for their lives, including a girl with a twin buggy.
I think we get the idea...


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