Monday, August 25, 2008

"The Americans Have Stolen My True Love Away"

Is an English folk song which Norm of Normblog posted about this morning.

"It's a line for the crazed section of the left." Says the Obi Wan of the British blogosphere. And no sooner was this detected by me, than I read this on Pajamas Media:

After initially declining to investigate the ages of the girls in question — most notably the adorable little He Kexinthe International Olympic Committee hasordered an investigation into mounting allegations that Chinese authorities covered up the true age of their gold-winning gymnastics star because she was too young to compete.” Much like the UN, the IOC seems loath to offend anyone but the U.S.


... in addition to the comments arguing whether age should matter or not, there were a fair number of those that suggested the only reason this investigation has commenced is that the U.S. team took second place. In other words, American sour grapes.

Here’s a sampling (all spelling and syntax from the original):

Americans moaning about cheating……..let us remain you guys because Americans don’t cheat do they…..
Marion Jones,

Jerome Young, Kelli White to name just a few.
How come none of you Americans mention these CHEATS ???
You Yanks are just bad losers
Helen Lambert, Epsom, UK

All americans are liers!
you can fake the age ,but you can’t fake the performance!!!!

cindy , hongkong, CHN

The Yanks can’t even tally the medals table honestly….take a look at CNN and have a laugh at the disgraceful frauds.

The official way to tally the medals table is by Gold then Silver then Bronze, not by total medals won, what a bunch of Losers.
Ian, Newcastle upon Tyne

How ever old someone is, they won their medal by their performance not by old they are. Bela Karolyi coached Nadia Comaneci who was 14 when she won her 1st Olympic Gold in 1976. How come the Americans didn’t complain then. It’s a case of the Americans be bad losers again. They lost. Accept it !!!
Chris Lee, Surrey, UK

Americans always like to criticize the other countries but always ignore themselves. They don’t even know they are the biggest cheater and liar in the world!!
Michael, Kingston, Canada

The US needs to stop crying and whining. Such sore sports, that they feel they need rouge sleuths to bring about justice. If the US were not in a position to benefit, they would not even bother to go so far. This comment is not to support the Chinese if they are in fact cheating.
n, Toronto, Canada

What would the US do to find itself at the top of gold medals…Maybe the Chinese should test Phelps for doping themselves. That might give us a shocker of results.
Andreas Andreou, Cyprus


It is depressing that most of these seemingly deranged commenters seem to be Canadians and Brits. I mean, they have been brought up in an educational environment that puts a high value on the concept of "fair play", the ideal of a level playing ground, a core principle of any sport and compeition, yet they seem all too eager to discard this fine ethical attitude, discipline, honesty and transparency in order to indulge their spasmodic hatred of all things Americans.


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