Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Two from the Dutch:

I. Dutch govenment: No Burkas and No niqabs allowed in schools

The Dutch government is to extend a ban on the burka to all schools, a measure that includes a prohibition on Muslim mothers from picking their children while wearing face-covering Islamic dress.

Ronald Plasterk, the Dutch education minister, announced that the ban would apply to all schools, including private Muslim religious establishments, and their immediate surroundings.

Not only teachers, but parents and all visitors to schools, including suppliers making deliveries, will be forbidden the burka. (and niqab)

Legislation is expected to be agreed by the Dutch parliament next year.

Mr Plasterk has cited security concerns and the need for teachers and schoolchildren to be able to communicate properly with each other. "It is important for children to learn that proper communication requires being able to look the other person in the eye," he said to Dutch MPs.

It will be interesting to see how this ban will be enforced, and with what success.

II. Against his religion

The minister was responding to a question posed by legislator Henk Kamp (Liberals), who inquired about a news report which said a Rotterdam court had made an agreement with a Muslim attorney that he could remain seated when a judge enters the courtroom.

Mohammed Enait, who was sworn in as an attorney last month, said his religion prohibited him from rising for other people. Enait has remained seated as the judge entered.

What does it mean, that a Muslim lawyer is forbidden by his religion to stand up when a judge enters the courtroom? Why the prohibition?

Some possible answers, here.


At 12:46 PM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

That sitting attorney story reminds me of Vlad the Impaler's one: when a Turkish ambassador refused to remove his headgear entering Vlad's chamber, the latter ordered the turban to be fixed to ambassador head with a few nails.

There must be a lesson in this story. I think.

At 11:26 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all lets enter some numbers.

98% of muslim women in Nethrlands doent wear burkha.

so allpying a law on 2% of muslim women, which means 1% of all muslims, and less than 1% percent if you take all the population of nethrlands. is as funny as wielder boring movie.

on the other topic, no-comment.its personnal...some people go to extreem points in their faith. like the idiot that responded to the origanl post. at




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