Monday, September 15, 2008

From an interview with Egyptian-American writer Nonie Darwish, on Al-Hayat TV on August 7, 2008:

They made us believe in violence, and believe that we did not want any foreigners, and that we wanted to kill them and drive them out. I felt that this was a natural thing.... for us Arabs, fighting was very important... Towards the end of the sermons in the mosques, they curse people. They curse [non-Muslims], saying: "God, make their children orphans. May God curse America, England, and the infidels." Do people go to the mosque to hear words that make them calm, or words that make him nervous and stressed? ... I had a Christian friend, a Copt, who lived next to the mosque... we were studying together, and we heard the sermon, which ended with the words: "God, curse the infidels, the polytheists, the non-Muslims, the Jews, and the Christians." This Christian girl sat next to me and heard every word.... , I heard these things ..... We used to think that cursing the non-Muslims was a good, divine thing.... She didn't say a word, but I could see the fear on her face. That's when I began to feel that there was something wrong with my religion. Why do they teach hatred?

Palestinian child indoctrination into jihadist death adoration did not start with Israel's occupation, or checkpoints or "The Wall".


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