Monday, September 01, 2008

A full time revolutionary

The fall issue of Democratiya is on line now.

Here is a sampling:

Letter To A Full Time Revolutionary
by Kevin Higgins

Your latest outfit an arrangement in grey.
You’d vanish into the wallpaper,
but for the chopping movement
your hand makes as you strike
just the right note;
wax ideological, now
Venezuela, now
the latest interest rate rise;
put on a human voice to tell us
about the old woman left
to die in her own mess
on the twenty first floor
of a tower-block named after
the bloke who started
the Boer War.

I was once you.
The agreed candidate,
who emerged inevitably
from a thinly carpeted room;
mouth crammed
with all the right slogans.
You get by on a diet of
abstract concepts:
United Fronts
with some Workers’ Democracy
on the side; nightly pray for
a stock-market crash: dream
of billionaires going out
tenth-floor windows.
Your exclusion proceedings
will be precisely minuted
by someone you recruit
tonight. I was once you.


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