Saturday, September 20, 2008

Looking good, Sarah!

George Jonas is the Hungarian born Canadian journalist and writer who wrote the book on which Stephen Spielberg based his movie "Munich".

His articles appear in the National Post and this last one has got some of wry comments about current affairs cutting through a lot of bullshit:

Is Western-style democracy a good system? This isn’t the question. The question is, what will it lead to in an Eastern-style culture? What is it leading to in a Western-style culture, for that matter?

Americans are going to the polls in seven weeks; Canadians in four. The world would probably muddle on no matter who took Ottawa — though Canada might face tough times. Washington is another story.

Sarah Palin leading the free world requires a leap of faith I can’t muster — until I consider the alternative. Joe Biden? Governor Palin at least offers the possibility of a pleasant surprise. John McCain is John McCain — what you see is what you get, like it or not. I don’t much like it but prefer it to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy isn’t running, you say? Look again. There’s Jimmy repackaged as Barack Obama. The 2008 model comes in more fashionable hues, but packs no Zbigniew Brzezinski. Jimmy was feeble enough with Zbigniew as security advisor; imagine Jimmy without.

Sarah! You’re looking good. Stick around.

I wish I could articulate my inner turmoil regarding these issues with remotely equal clarity and pizazz.


At 6:52 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Russian during the period when their own breed of Czars was in decline, imported some (Scandinavian, I believe) nobility to rule them.

There are a few countries I know that may benefit from this method. At least temporarily.

At 2:25 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Jonas write in his book on the Munich Olympics massacre that some of the kidnapped Israeli athletes embraced their abductors because they identified with the Palestinian cause? Spielberg included this preposterous and deeply offensive scene in the movie, thereby earning the undying contempt of all Israelis. If Jonas is the person originally responsible for this abomination, then you should revise your high opinion of him.

At 6:38 AM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

I saw Munich a few times and cannot remember any such scene. THere was a lot of criticism of the movie, that it showed the terrorists as too human, which I thought was not at all a bad idea.


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