Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman: 1925 - 2008
It's hard to believe that Ari Ben-Canaan he is no longer with us.

A loving father, faithful husband, World War II veteran and philanthropist who gave away a vast fortune, being one of the all-time great screen legends was only part of who Paul Newman was. It‘s the rare circumstance where after their passing we mourn the loss of the man more than the star.

Paul Newman was 83.
He left a legacy of so many memorable roles, that deepened our understanding of human frailty, but for me, it was his role as Frank Galvin, in "The Verdict" which marked his greatness: a shuffling, stooped-shouldered, bitter, failing lawyer struggling to defeat his own apathy to bring justice.


At 3:40 PM EDT, Anonymous nwo said...

I found this article on Spain interesting. What do you make of this?

Spain Prefers Islam over Roman Catholicism

At 7:08 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Couldn't you find a more suitable post for this comment, NWO? I suggest you delete it and re-post in some other, more relevant place. Thank you.

At 7:29 PM EDT, Anonymous nwo said...

I cant delete comments on your blog.


At 8:46 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

You should be able to. You click on the garbage bin icon.

At 11:58 PM EDT, Anonymous nwo said...

I dont see anything like that. Maybe because I dont use IE. Shrugs


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