Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Beware the Jewess and the reason for the financial problems in America:

Kellie, of Airforce Amazons provides some time-honoured context for assessing the media outlet mentioned in above post:

From Harper’s Weekly, New York, February 15th 1862:

The papers in question are not known, even by name, to the bulk of our readers, and their utterances are entitled to no more notice than would be paid here to the disquisitions of any of our fourth or fifth rate political sheets. Yet our people are so absurdly sensitive to every thing that is said of them abroad, and foreign papers are somehow regarded as so much more reliable than journals at home, that the idle nonsense of the London Observer and the Manchester Guardian disturbed men’s digestion, and caused a general decline in the stock market.

It's a relief to finally be able to put our finger on the exact cause for American economic meltdown. Though others may dispute it most shrilly and indignantly.


For the ironically-challenged amongst my readers, I will clarify that Kellie's explanation is made in the spirit of playful irony while the other contribution is done with all the seriousness, vulgarity and stupidity which usually go with antisemitic rants. (Antisemites-by-proxy can easily be sighted since they are incontinent: they reveal themselves by such elegant writing as comparing Jewish politicians to rats and describing Jewish leaders as vomiting shit...)


At 2:25 PM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Beware the Jewess...

Yeah, I guess that's what my mom used to tell me when I wasn't listening. Although, come to think of it, why should she have said it? Dunno... I am getting mixed up here.


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