Friday, October 17, 2008

Bob's building blocks

Bob has collected a group of posts from the blogosphere, and , renaming them, created a certain humourous coherence about the way the US elections seems to go:

More added Friday. Last updated 16:24 Brockley time:

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I think those of us looking from the outside are still extremely sceptical* about Obama but are now more inclined than earlier on to believe that his articulated positions about Israel, Iran, or Afghanistan are more than just electioneering slogans. Even hawkish Bibi Netanyahu reportedly was impressed by his knowledge of the Middle East and his affirmations about Iran:

"Leaders in Israel — on both sides of the political spectrum — do not fear Obama’s commitment to Israel. Israeli leaders from Ehud Barak to Benjamin Netanyahu were impressed by Obama.

Netanyahu, the Likud Party leader, told The Jerusalem Post that he was “impressed with Obama’s understanding of the Iranian threat and that they both agreed that a nuclear Iran was unacceptable.” Netanyahu also said that he and Obama agreed on the importance of “preventing a nuclear Tehran” and that “when it came to stopping Iran there were no politics.”
* There is an imp in me, demon, that won't let me join the throng of Obamators, reluctant or otherwise. My initial doubts about his record, about his deeply-felt affiliations, still stand. I am, however, egged on by curiosity and a certain fatalism. I really want to see what Obama will do, what decisions he will make, how he is going to live up to his promises (no pre-conditions, leave Iraq now, etc) once he is sworn in and the entire monstrosities of the underworld of international politics are revealed to him, without the filtering of media or pundits. And if, by some chance, his crazier adulators are proven right, and his entire discourse about his commitment to Israel changes overnight (as predicts Jesse Jackson), then at least we can enjoy some relief in the knowledge that now we are dealing with reality. Reality, in most cases, can be faced in various ways and methods. Any which way it goes, we will be better off... In order to solve something, we need to be able to define the problem.


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