Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Yiddish wisdom

Powell Joins the herd

More on Powell

That Invasion from Mars (Mick Hartley)


At 7:22 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Powell isnt an icon of American Conservatism. That New Republic article is downright stupid. Powell was a Repubican because he was pro military....not because he was a social conservative. His keying on "transformational figure" is a clue to his real motivation. Obama is black, that is why Powell endorsed him. Powell didnt endorse Obama in the early Dem Primaries when his main constituency were moveon.org Code Pink anti War types....he waited till the general when Obama's rhetoric moved enough centrist and sane, to justify his itch to support the black fellow.

It remains to be seen who the real Barack Obama is....my guess is he is an LBJ style Great Society Leftwinger with a deep sympathy for anti American tropes.

At 7:31 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That being said, McCain isnt a poster boy of American Conservatism either.

Sarah Palin is, and there is nothing ugly about it. Often East Coast elite "Conservative" mouthpieces and neo-conservatives might not like Sarah Palin, but that is what you will find at the heart of "fly-over" country....as it is lived.

Mark Steyn comments on this...with links to the pundit kerfuffle...

Re: Switch to decaf [Mark Steyn]


Cocoon: The Return [Mark Steyn]


At 8:03 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ross Douthat links are worth perusing as well....from the Steyn articles.


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